Dario Brozzi

Frontend Developer / UI Engineer

Helping to reduce the gap between Design and Development

Keywoard with funy starwars legos

What I'm Doing

What I Love to Do

  • Create accurate libraries from a Design Language System, document and implement it into projects.
  • Help to improve Design-to-Code working flow.
  • Mentoring in CSS / SCSS (SASS).

What are My Expectations

  • Work-to-Live — having a balanced healthy life. Spending time to do sport, learn, and rest well.
  • 100% Remote and Anywhere — I've worked many years as a freelancer from different locations. A fancy office with PlayStation and free coffee... doesn't attract me at all.
  • Quality — improve software using standards and useful methodologies.
  • Team Flexibility — for decide without micromanagement.
  • Help — build a product/service that could help the community.